Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development, 3rd Edition



If you have ideas for additional Joomla 3! features, this book will allow you to realize them. It’s a complete practical guide to building and extending plugins, modules, and components. Ideal for professional developers and enthusiasts.


Clear steps to create your own plugins, modules, and components for Joomla 3
Guides you through extending your components by allowing them to interact with modules and plugins
Introduces you to packaging your extensions for distribution to other Joomla users
Enables you to secure your extensions and avoid common vulnerabilities by gaining some white hat hacking experience

What you will learn from this book

Extend Joomla using plugins
Develop both frontend and backend modules
Build a Joomla component that looks and behaves like the core components, to reduce the learning curve for your users
Discover common security vulnerabilities and what you can do to avoid them
Prepare your extensions for distribution
Manage updates and set up an update server
Integrate third party extensions in your component


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