Security for Web Developers


This practical book provides specific advice for the HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS developer on all areas of security, including new areas not found in any other book, such as microservices. You’ll get a complete view of security changes needed to protect an application and keep its data safe.


Some books give you good advice, but only about part of the security problem. Others provide solutions so generic that they aren’t truly useful. Unfortunately, attacking only part of the problem leaves you open to hacking or other security issues. And general advice no longer meets current security needs.

Understand the real sources of threats to web applications
Learn how to use new technologies such as microservices in a safe manner
Get information-rich information on third party APIs, libraries, microservices, and other sources of code that you rely on
Find solutions that help make the problems smaller, more manageable, and fixable at specific stages of application development


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