Top 5 e-Commerce Sites in Nigeria 2017

In most industrialized nations of the world, ecommerce activities contribute a significant percentage to the gross domestic product (GDP) of these nations. These developments have largely been buoyed by massive ICT developments in these first world nations, and Africa is speedily catching up with the rest of the world in this regard.
Although most African nations are being plagued by bad governance, corruption and deficient infrastructure, some are making giant strides in ICT, which has led to massive growth of ecommerce activities in this part of the world. Nigeria is definitely at the forefront of ecommerce activities in Africa, and these are the top 5 ecommerce websites in Nigeria.

1. Jumia Nigeria

In every list that has to do with top ecommerce websites in Nigeria, must definitely occupy any of the top 3 positions. Jumia Nigeria, established in May 2012, is Nigeria’s version of The popularity of Jumia Nigeria has gone far beyond the shores of this continent and was rated by Amazon’s alexa as the most visited ecommerce website in Nigeria. You can find virtually all your house hold needs on Jumia, from consumer electronics to fashion products, you’d definitely see something of interest when shopping on Jumia. Visit Jumia

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2. Konga Nigeria

Just like Jumia, Konga is definitely one of the top dogs in this industry. Konga, like Jumia, was also founded in the year 2012 and has since grown to be one of the best ecommerce websites in the country. It’s almost a two horse race between konga and jumia for top spots in Nigeria’s ecommerce industry, because their adverts dominate almost every advertising platform. Konga has a range of consumer electronics, bags, fashion items and many other products. Visit Konga

3. Kaymu Nigeria

Kaymu Nigeria
Although not as popular as the previous two, is slowly carving out a niche for its self inNigeria’s ecommerce industry. was founded in 2012 by Africa internet group and their business model basically revolves around creating online market platforms that allow buyers and sellers carryout transactions on their website. Visit Kaymu

4. Yudala

Yudala is an online shopping and daily deal site in Nigeria. It is the first organization to combine an online shopping platform with retail stores located in major cities across Nigeria. The online platform was established August 2015 and has grown rapidly to become one of the most trusted shopping destinations in  Nigeria. Yudala carries a huge selection of phones, tablets, computers, electronics, kitchen appliances, gaming consoles, personal care products and whole lot more. The company offers flexible payment options which include cash on delivery or payment with your debit card online. Visit Yudala

5. Wakanow

Wakanow was founded in 2008, but its operations fully commenced in during the 2010 Fifaworldcup competition that held for the first time in Africa. The primary focus of this ecommerce website is the provision of relevant information to customers with regards to organizing local and foreign trips. This website provides its clients information relating to flight fares, airport pickups, hotel reservations, visa assistance and many other travel services. Visit Wakanow
Ecommerce in Nigeria has come a long way since the introduction of mobile phones and their supporting infrastructures. Ecommerce thrives in countries with good educational system, internet penetration, road network, power infrastructure and a populace that isn’t averse to spending online. No doubt, Nigeria is plagued by massive infrastructural deficiencies, but the huge market potential that lies within her still makes her the number one destination for ecommerce in Africa.

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