Best Online Store Builder to Create an eCommerce Website

Do you want to build an eCommerce website and are you searching for the best online store builder in Nigeria? Without casting any doubts and with no hesitation you can choose MAOCULAR for creating your online store in order to enable inflow of profit and business expansion.

MAOCULAR is the best online store builder in Abuja Nigeria which is best suited for small businesses. And it will expand your online venture to the next level. You can build your online store to function efficiently with the help of MAOCULAR. To help you better understand the way MAOCULAR will aid you in constructing your eCommerce store, listed below are the unique features that will make you proceed further to choose our eCommerce platform.

Maocular eCommerce solution is gaining popularity among many online store owners and small businesses. It enables the selling of a range of products. If you want an ideal eCommerce store at low cost then Maocular Tech Expert is the best choice. The efficient and applicable features of this platform is already boosting development in the eCommerce market.

Let us skim through the unique features of MAOCULAR which makes it the best online store builder in Abuja Nigeria

Why MAOCULAR is the Best Online Store Builder in Nigeria?

Our outstanding features that make us the best eCommerce store builder in Nigeria

# User-Friendly Dashboard

With a single dashboard, you can configure and manage all of your online storefronts. You can create new eStores swiftly, run promotional campaigns and manage customers at ease. An active reporting capacity is enabled to easily monitor activity across all online stores.

# Unique Storefronts

There is access to more customized online storefronts. Moreover, all our stores can be further customized by you as per the business requirements. The uniqueness of our online store builder in the eCommerce platform is its checkout process. Along with optimizing your trade, you can provide your customers an all-in-one process.

684f0266 ecommerce store
684f0266 ecommerce store

# Customizable

We offers out of the box design and a scalable platform. Our self-optimizable eCommerce store allows you to add on your requirements to create your own brand. Without placing any restrictions we allow you to tune and test the site, including the checkout. You can also navigate through the site to bring about your creativity and innovation. You can fine-tune the eCommerce website to enable you to work faster, bolder and keep a competitive edge over your competitors.

# One-Time Cost

Maocular, eCommerce platform is offered on a one-time payment basis. You will barely need any professional assistance to maintain the eCommerce website with the added advantage of customizing the site as per your wish. We neither have any hidden charges nor recurring/monthly payments. This makes Maocular Tech Expert the best online store builder in Abuja Nigeria.

# Cloud Hosting

Hosting in a cloud environment is viable. With cloud migration, you can boost your online store’s performance at 5x speed. Your website loading time is reduced and the management of data backup becomes easy.

99d1f070 cloud
99d1f070 cloud

# Multi-lingual Support

In order to enable sellers and customers from any location to buy and sell products using your website, we supports multi-language functionality. Moreover, this feature will attract vendors from different countries. Without being bound by language barriers, the multi-vendor feature enables you to sell products worldwide.

# Multiple Payment Options

In order to attract more shoppers, our online store builder has easy offline and online payment options like credit and debit card payments and cash-on-delivery option. Apart from this, domestic and international payment gateways such as Google Checkout, Paystack, Remita, Amazon Pay, Interswitch (Quickteller), Skrill, Paypal, Discover and many more is supported by us.

70e77d45 payment card
70e77d45 payment card

# Multiple Product Pages

Vendors can create numerous templates for their product pages using our online store builder and expand their business. For example, a jewelry merchant may choose a product template with extensive product image in order to exhibit small items in detail. Likewise, a broader product description may be preferred by vendors selling electronic items.

# Ready With Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Multi-vendor functionalities is enabled in our solution. It facilitates easy management of vendors, orders, shipping, and commissions through its feature-rich dashboard. In order to best suit your business needs and to convert your potential customers into paying consumers our multi-vendor eCommerce store builder is enabled with self-customizing features.

a6b6a0d8 multisite and multivendor 1
a6b6a0d8 multisite and multivendor 1

# Marketing and SEO Benefits

In order to fulfill your SEO requirements, our solution is enabled with inbuilt SEO tools. By employing proper strategies to put these tools to use, you can achieve higher search engine ranking for your brand. Without losing the domain identity you will be given unique URLs for all sub-stores. Unique meta details can be set up for any subdomain in order to get higher SERP ranking.

# Integrated With Google Analytics

Google Analytics comes integrated along with your online store builder. This will assist you in gathering statistics about those who visit your eCommerce store. It also provides in-depth information about your site traffic and marketing effectiveness. It also helps in tracking sales. Its in-depth reporting feature gathers insights to boost profits.

# Ready With Mobile App

MAOCULAR TECH EXPERT provides mCommerce solutions through Android and iOS platforms by providing you with advanced eCommerce mobile app. With this app you can communicate better by making loyal customers, boosting conversion rates and earnings. We also offer adequate help to launch and grow your eCommerce among mobile customers through our cosmopolitan m-Commerce apps.

# Secured

Our solution is a fully secure platform for your online business. Its special features are, the configuration to SSL certificate, PCI Certified hosting and anti-fraud measures. This secures your and your client’s information. Therefore, this ensures complete safety and security for your online marketplace.

# 24/7 IT Support

Our professional team is always prepared to solve all your queries at any time.

Get an inspirational eCommerce store with the perfect online store builder, MAOCULAR! Visit and live chat with our technical experts to get more details about our online store builder.

If you want immediate support to create your online store, keep in touch with us or call us at +234 8065006399, +2348111166688

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