Tips for creating quality website landing page

Your homepage, without doubt, is the most important page on your website. It’s the first impression that people get of your brand and it only takes a matter of seconds for people to make up their mind. Get it right or miss out on new customers.

Why is your landing page so important?

Conversion starts at your homepage. Websites lose many potential customers within the first few moments of visitors reaching their homepage. If your homepage is decent, you hugely increase your chances of website traffic becoming revenue for your business.

The majority of your traffic will probably enter your site via your homepage. Think of it as a front door to a shop. If you go into a shop that is untidy, looks difficult to find your way to the items you want, no one is near to help you, the walls are painted in garish colours and the music is too loud – you’re likely to want to leave as soon as possible.

A shop that’s decorated nicely, has appropriate sections for each product, with easy-to-find customer service may encourage you to stick around to browse and eventually make a purchase.

7 tips to turn website homepage visitors into paying customers

1. Make your headline clear

A website needs to tell people clearly what their business does and what the visitor can gain – within 3 seconds of visitors reaching the homepage. That’s how quickly people will get bored of trying to work out who you are and what you do. Forget long and fluffy words and use a clear and concise headline that sums up your business and what it can offer people.

2. Design talks

People are visual, so talk to your audience through images, videos and graphics – but keep it simple. Visitors will be put off if they’re bombarded by links, animations, widgets and big blocks of text. Think about the colours you use and how they relate to your business and don’t forget about having plenty of white space, which can help people consume the information on your site more clearly.

3. Navigation

Make it super-easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site. Can they quickly find links to products, services, your location and customer service. Think about having a chatbot so people can ask questions as soon as they reach your site – giving you a much higher chance of conversion.

4. Optimise your homepage and website for all devices

In today’s world where people are using mobile devices more than ever, it’s crucial that your homepage and website works on mobile as well as desktop. Be sure to check all mobile devices, operating systems and browsers so that no visitors are excluded from viewing your site. Your site should provide a simple, helpful and pleasant experience on all devices.

5. Allow your visitors to become your customers and add call-to-actions

Make it easy for your potential customers to begin their purchasing journey, add a clickable button or link that’s visible as they enter the site such as ‘contact us’, ‘free ‘trial’, ‘buy now’, ‘sign up’ or ‘find out more’.

6. What are the benefits for customers?

Be sure to describe the benefits of your product or service to the visitor, rather than just displaying content that is only about you. Speak in a way that your website visitors can understand easily.

7. SEO (search engine optimisation)

Don’t forget how lots of your visitors arrived at your homepage in the first place – most likely from using a search engine which displayed your website in their results after they typed in a related keyword phrase. Increase traffic to your homepage by following best-practice SEO for the content on your homepage.

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